Municipal schools of Ravels, Belgium, take their Energy Challenges to the mayor

01 March 2019

The two municipal schools ‘De Verrekijker’ and ‘Klimop’ in Ravels, Belgium, have drawn up an Energy Challenges declaration of commitment.

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2IMPREZS Schools Save CO2 on Thick Jumper Day

13 February 2019

For the 15th consecutive year, Thick Jumper Day was organised by the Flemish government and supported by 2IMPREZS partner MOS.

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Teachers at Qworzo Make a Plan

07 February 2019

On Wednesday 6th February 2019, teachers at Qworzo Merksplas Primary School in Belgium, took some time to make a plan for next year’s Energy Challenges.

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Online Progress Report now available!

06 February 2019

Report cards are out!

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De Knipoog Primary School in Ranst Kick-Off their Energy Challenge

04 February 2019

What is global warming? Where does it come from? How can we reduce the energy we use? All pupils (age 2½ to 12) from De Knipoog in Ranst, learned more about climate change when they kicked off E…

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Energy Challenges 2019 Starting Again!

29 January 2019

On Friday the 25th of January 2019 the Hanzeplaza filled with hundreds of enthusiastic students who will all participate in this year's Energy Challenges campaign!

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Meet & Greet Partners in the Netherlands

29 January 2019

The yearly partner meeting before the Energy Challenges Kick-Off in the Netherlands was a big success. Twenty partners that support the project attended the meeting in Groningen.

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Students in Mechelen stand up for the climate

23 January 2019

Students from different schools in Mechelen join forces in a rally for the climate

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Primary School in Ranst Crochets for the Climate

22 January 2019

Primary school De Knipoog in Ranst is starting their campaign in the school.

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Two Belgian schools make ‘A LOT OF NOISE’ to kick off their energy saving ambitions

17 January 2019

‘De Verrekijker’ and ‘Klimop’ are two municipal primary schools in Ravels, Belgium, that have taken up the Energy Challenges. In both schools 'Mie and Gie' put up a show with theatre, music and dance …

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