School Building Managers Exchange Experiences on Building Management Systems

26 November 2019

Why or why not choose a Building Management System? - How to get started with a small budget? - If you invest, what should you bear in mind?

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Rinkenæs School focuses on transportation in the 2IMPREZS Project

22 November 2019

The Student Council of the Rinkenæs School in southern Denmark took on the task of making the staff and the pupils more aware of the CO2 emissions linked to the transport to and from school.

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QWORZO Merksplas pupils collect their first 'Ray of Sunshine' for Mobility Project

07 November 2019

Pupils of the primary school ‘QWORZO’ in Merksplas started their Energy Challenges with a focus on mobility.

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5th International Partner Meeting in Sønderborg

07 November 2019

The 2IMPREZS Project partners rolled up their sleeves at their recent partner meeting held in Sønderborg, Denmark.

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Children Climate Ambassadors make ‘Chairs of the Future’ for their Mayors

31 October 2019

During this event the children presented their ideas and handed over their chairs to their mayors.

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2IMPREZS inspires teachers of Sønderborg during Inspiration Day 2019

05 September 2019

When the students go off on their summer holidays, the teachers of Sønderborg (and 2IMPREZS!) are still hard at work. They gathered together at the annual Inspiration Day in Denmark.

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German Energizers are ecstatic for their national 2IMPREZS Finale 2019!

08 July 2019

On the 1st of July, the German 2IMPREZS Finale 2019 marked the end to a fantastic first pilot year of energy savings in Lower Saxony.

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Local high school stakeholders got wiser on 2IMPREZS workshop package

03 July 2019

Headmasters from local high schools in Sønderborg gathered at a steering committee meeting for 2IMPREZS project partner House of Science. The University of Southern Denmark seized the opportunity and …

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