Raising awareness and supporting Belgian schools in their switch to LED lighting

09 February 2021

The Province of Antwerp, together with some local Belgian schools, looked at how to reduce electricity consumption in schools by replacing their classical TL lighting with LED lighting.

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Digital Energy Challenges in Lower Saxony

19 January 2021

To address safety measures in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 Energy Challenges in Lower Saxony will take form as a digital campaign.

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6th 2IMPREZS Newsletter is out now!

27 November 2020

Read up on all the latest 2IMPREZS news, including winning the North Sea Region Video Contest 2020, keeping project communication alive amidst COVID-19, and much more.



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Province of Antwerp Supports Schools by Donating CO2 Meters

21 October 2020

The Provincie of Antwerp distributed 39 CO2 meters amongst 15 schools in the region, including 10 2IMPREZS schools.

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School Building Managers Transition to Meeting Online to Comply with COVID-19 Measures

21 October 2020

On the 15th of October, the Bi-annual Network Event for School Building Managers was held. The event, is usually organised in a participating 2IMPREZS school, but was reformed to a digital meeting to …

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Belgian Primary School, Qworzó, saves energy by installing smart thermostatic radiator valves

07 July 2020

After regular school hours, some classrooms are used by external users. To heat those few classrooms, a large part of the school building must be heated, leading to significant energy losses. The Belg…

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Energy Challenges Netherlands 2020 Finale

29 June 2020

This year’s 2020 Energy Challenges Netherlands finale was celebrated on a much more local level, bringing together classrooms – rather than entire regions – of Energizers.

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Click Newsletter # to view

15 May 2020


In this edition of the biannual newsletter, the Energizers pivot due to COVID-19, updates are given on the development of E.Wattson and the partners gear up for the launch of t…

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Despite the COVID-19 crisis, IGS Rotenburg makes strides toward saving energy

09 April 2020

Since school closures due to COVID-19, the dedicated teachers of IGS Rotenburg, one of the start German 2IMPREZS pilot schools located in Lower Saxony, has been passing tasks onto the students on a vo…

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Neighbour Henk's Kitchen Garden

02 April 2020

As a result of school closures across the Netherlands and the globe, Team Energy Challenges in the Netherlands has decided to go online! Every week there will be published a newsletter as well as a vi…

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