2IMPREZS Energy Challenges 2019 Finale in Sønderborg, Denmark

29 May 2019 - Published by Debbie Glen
More than 170 students from 11 schools in Sønderborg Municipality in Denmark had a great time together at the annual 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges celebration. The finale celebration of the Danish Energizers took place on the 22nd of May 2019 in Sønderborg’s city centre.


The Danish comedian, Thomas Wivel, made sure that the large sports hall in the centre of Sønderborg was vibrating with good vibes and positive energy during his exciting performance at the finale. The participants were dressed in yellow t-shirts – the colour symbolising the highly important solar energy, of course!


The Danish Energizers of the Sønderborg Municipality organised exhibition stands focusing on various energy topics of their choice.


The students had prepared exhibition stands to show what they had been working with for the last year. The exhibitions demonstrated a great diversity and a lot of creativity surrounding the important energy topics of electricity, water, heat, transport and even permaculture gardens. A common theme throughout Sønderborg’s Energy Challenges celebration was one clear focus: to contribute to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions through behavioural changes and small technical solutions.


The Sønderborg Energizers were able to make their own ‘’Energy Eaters’’, small creatures that mark energy-intensive devices throughout their schools and homes. #energyeaters


In lieu of the Energy Challenges Foundation’s ‘’Crazy 88’’, in which the Energizers race to complete 88 different energy-related activities, the Danish celebration featured a ”Crazy 22” workshop. Here, the Energizers had the opportunity to create their own ‘’Energy Eaters’’, small ‘’creatures’’ made of foam balls or recycled tennis balls that mark energy-intensive devices throughout schools and homes—among other exciting experiments. The Energizers were able to take their cute creations home to ”imprezs” and educate their parents and siblings, thus bringing Energy Challenges outside the classroom and into the home.


Everyone’s a winner when we’re all working together to save energy!


All participating schools received a diploma for their hard work and amazing presentations at the end of the Energy Challenges celebration. Great job to the Energizers of Sønderborg! See you all next year to save even more energy!


Check out the great video taken during the Danish Energy Challenges celebration: