2IMPREZS Business Model

08 March 2021 - Published by Debbie Glen
The development of the 2IMPREZS Business Model, which guides schools and municipalities/local authorities in financing energy efficient technical measures in school buildings, is underway.

As part of WP4 of 2IMPREZS, British partner Southend-on-Sea Borough Council are developing a business model to support schools and local authorities in the identification and delivery of energy projects, guiding schools to achieve carbon emission reductions and building capacity to finance such projects within local government. The model is comprised of two guides: the first is designed to assist schools in choosing appropriate technologies, whilst the second is designed to assist local and municipal authorities in pursuing or creating finance to implement technologies.

A draft of the first aspect of the business model, the guide that deals with schools, is in progress and was sent out for the lead partner’s feedback in January 2021. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has invested substantial time and effort in composing and refining it, drawing on its experience of working with local schools to implement energy efficiency projects. The document will shortly be distributed amongst partners along with a request to consider its applicability to local contexts and how partners may wish to tailor and translate the information to reflect this, providing regional articulations of the model to best facilitate the model’s ambitions across partner regions.

The second aspect of the business model, the guide that deals with municipalities and seeks to foster closer relationships with schools whilst providing financial information to local authorities/municipalities, is also being drafted. This guide will integrate the findings of the cooperative report on grant and subsidy-based conducted within the 2IMPREZS project, as well as fresh information that presents new financing mechanisms that municipalities/local authorities may wish to consider pursuing or creating.

The latter guide will utilise information from the 2IMPREZS financial model report produced by leading commercial think tank Z/Yen, but present it in a more accessible way that demonstrates its transnational utility more clearly to the target audience.

The deadline for the development of the English drafts of the 2IMPREZS business model development is March 2021.