The German Energy Challenges Kick-off 2019

Event duration: 3 hours
Venue: Rotenburg City Hall (Rathaus), Lower Saxony, Germany
The German 2IMPREZS pilot in Lower Saxony will officially launch their Energy Challenges. This kick-off extravaganza will be held in the Rotenburg City Hall for three schools across Lower Saxony who share one goal: Saving Energy in their Schools!


On the 26th of February 2019, with the support of the Klimaschutz- und Energie Agentur Niedersachsen (Climate Protection and Energy Agency of Lower Saxony), the European Institute for Innovation (EIfI) will host three different schools, with kids ranging from 6-16 years old who are inspired to save energy in their schools and take action against climate change.

The German pilot schools that will participate in this year’s Energy Challenges are Grundschule Eversen, IGS Achim and Halepaghen-Schule Buxtehude.



The Energizers and accompanying teachers will all arrive at the Rotenburg City Hall before the official start of the event at 10:00 CET—which marked by a brief introduction by the Mayor of Rotenburg, who will say a few words about the kids‘ vital role in alleviating climate change by reducing energy consumption.

Nature photographer, lecturer and expedition leader Mr. Sven Achtermann, who has been on numerous expeditions to observe first-hand how climate change is drastically diminishing the polar bear population, will then present to the Energizers a "call to action" to reduce their carbon footprints. The Energizers and teachers will address this call to action with a brief introduction to the Energy Challenges, as well as expectations of the pupils, by the EIfI.

The Energizers’ videos and energy-saving skits, a task assigned to the Energizers back in December, will then be projected and performed to set the stage for the high-energy competition amongst the schools.


Following the introductory segment of the kick-off, the Energizers will break off into parallel, hands-on workshop sessions, one aimed at a younger Energizer audience and the other directed toward the older high school-aged Energizers. The workshops will be fast-paced and teachers are encouraged to join in wherever and whenever they see fit. And of course, the Energizers will be offered snacks and refreshments during the kick-off to get their spirits energy levels high!

The goal of the 2IMPREZS Kick-off event is to inspire the Energizers to save energy in their schools and get them thinking outside the box when it comes to reducing energy consumption in and outside their schools.

The German pilot schools of Grundschule Eversen, IGS Achim and Halepaghen-Schule Buxtehude many be the homes to pupils (‘Energizers’) ranging in ages and education types, but they share a common goal:

Reducing Energy Consumption in their Schools for a Better Future!



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