School Building Managers get back together to learn more about Building Management Systems

Event duration: 3 hours 30mins
Venue: PTS Boom, Beukenlaan 44, Boom, 2850, Belgium.
On November 14th the School Building Managers in Provincie of Antwerp will get together for the 3rd time.

The network of School Building Managers is slowly growing bigger, and will join together again this time in the secondary school PTS Boom to discuss the subject of Building Management Systems. 

Project partner Thomas More will take us deep into the subject.

  • Is it useful to install a building management system?
  • What do you have to take into account before deciding to install such a system?

The schools will also exchange their experiences.

  • what works well
  • what to avoid


We will then be taken afterwards on a tour through the school to be shown what measures they have already taken, and tell us how they approached the implementation.  


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