Municipal schools of Ravels, Belgium, take their Energy Challenges to the Mayor

Event duration: Approx. 1 to 1.5 hours
Venue: Town Hall, Gemeentelaan 60
The two municipal schools ‘De Verrekijker’ and ‘Klimop’ in Ravels, have drawn up an Energy Challenges declaration of commitment.

Mie and Gie, the two mascots from our schools, will lead the procession. 

Starting from ‘De Verrekijker’ we will walk on foot, with a megaphone, displaying banners, and distributing pamphlets on our journey to the town hall.  

At the town hall, the mayor will await our arrival at the entrance hall, and via a microphone, three pupils will explain the reason for our visit.

The declaration will then be handed over to the mayor to be signed.undefined

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