Kick-Off ENERGY CHALLENGES in the Netherlands

Event duration: 3 hours
Venue: Hanzeplaza, Protonstraat 16, Groningen
KDS Bisschop Bekkers, Brederoschool and the Windroos from Groningen represent the Netherlands in a fight for sustainability!

Hundreds of primary school students will meet on January 25th, 2019 for the spectacular Kick-Off Meeting of Energy Challenges.

For the pupils of KDS Bisschopbekkers, Brederschool and the Windroos it will be extra exciting this year. Last year, in the big Energy Saving Competition, they only competed against other schools in the North of the Netherlands, but they have an even bigger task this year! Energy Challenges becomes an International Competition against Belgium, Germany, England and Denmark!

The students are challenged to reduce the energy consumption of the school as the owner of the energy bill. Experience shows that behavioural change occurs through monitoring, analysis, education and awareness. Each school can use 15% less energy based on behaviour without additional investments!

  • What are the similarities and especially differences between the different countries?
  • What about the plastic?
  • How do students in England, Belgium, Germany and Denmark actually go to school?


Primary school students provide a seat at the conference table for people from the future!

'Chair of the Future' is an idea and national initiative by Jan Terlouw.

Throughout the Netherlands, companies and agencies are increasingly pushing an extra chair at their meeting. That chair is a symbol for future generations.

During the kick-off meeting, the pupils will pimp chairs and hand them over to companies such as the Gasunie, EnTranCe and New Energy Coalition that will also be present at the Kick-off.



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