Belgian Schools Participate in Thick Jumper Day

Event duration: 1 day
Venue: Thick Jumper Day
This year’s theme for Thick Jumper Day is mobility. Schools that register their actions around this theme, can win some wonderful prizes for the pupils.

For the 14th consecutive year, Thick Jumper Day is organised by the Flemish government and supported by 2IMPREZS partner MOS. 

The idea of a Thick Jumper Day is to create awareness about CO2 usage and reduction. Where it once started as a call to turn down the thermostat with one degree and wear a thick jumper instead, it has now become the ideal moment to put a different CO2-reducing measure in the spotlight every year.

This year’s action day takes place on Tuesday 12th February and focuses on mobility and transport. Schools can engage in different challenges, such as a ‘Tour de Flanders’ which challenges pupils to collect 500 kilometres by riding their bikes.

Schools can also fill in Thick Jumper Day in other ways, which often results in creative actions. For example, our 2IMPREZS school De Knipoog in Ranst will give each class a giant ice cube to preserve. The pupils will have to think of ways to keep the cube cool and prevent it from melting. At the end of the day, all cubes are measured and the class with the biggest cube left, wins.


When schools register their actions online, they can win prizes for their pupils. Prizes include books for the youngest pupils, up to LED lights of light reflectors for the oldest children.