Belgian Schools get Energised at Inspiration Day

Event duration: 4.5 hours
Venue: Education Centre, Provinciaal Vormingscentrum Malle, Smekenstraat 61, Malle, 2390, Belgium.
On January 24th 2020, the Belgian partners in the 2IMPREZS Project will host the Inspiration Day for all participating schools in the project.

All participating schools are invited to attend the Inspiration Day, and together, they will learn about new ways to save energy, try out some energy-themed games and even participate in scientific tests.

Pupils and teachers are invited to attend a keynote speech by Henk Rijckaert, a well-known stand-up comedian who also specialises in restoring, recycling and up-cycling old appliances. Henk will introduce his audience to the world of DIY, to teach the pupils about consumerism and the current culture of disposability.

Later in the day, the pupils can participate in various workshops that contribute to their general knowledge and approach concerning the 2IMPREZS Project. Workshop topics will include scientific tests, video communication, climate philosophy and others.

The Inspiration Day is aimed at pupils from 10 to 14 years of age, and their teachers, and will be in the Education Centre of the Province of Antwerp, in Malle.


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