Most schools in the North Sea Region were built in more careless times, they have a high and forever more costly energy consumption that is not in line with today’s CO2 reduction emission policies.

2IMPREZS will stimulate change in the current situation by fostering both behavioural and technical efficient energy saving measures in existing schools, reducing energy consumption and thus reducing CO2 emissions. For the first time, this project will tackle the whole spectrum of energy efficiency measures: the behavioural, the technical and the financial approaches instead of focusing on one specific field.

Based on active participation and initiatives of school stakeholders (teachers, students, management), as well as on the project partners’ experiences, 2IMPREZS will create a joint energy saving programme through Energy Challenges in schools and an innovative decision making model, developed, tested and validated incorporating cost-effective educational, technical and financial measures.

By reaching schools and experts throughout the NSR, 2IMPREZS will be able to collect and share experiences but also develop an energy saving programme compiling measures that are proved efficient in various settings.

The implementation of the project comprehensive transnational strategy will aim to reach 30% energy savings in 141 schools in the North Sea Region representing an emission reduction of 7320 tonnes of CO2 and transform at least 4 schools into nearly zero-energy buildings.