Welcome to 2imprezs' webspace. 2imprezs is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.  

The project will implement energy saving measures in existing school buildings across the NSR to reduce energy consumption and costs and increase comfort. Students of participating schools will be engaged through a cross-border energy challenge initiative. The behavioural change programme is supported by the adoption of energy efficiency measures at schools. School stakeholders and 2imprezs experts will cooperate to work out technical and financial solutions needed to evolve to energy-efficient schools. At least three schools which have already taken all necessary energy efficiency measures, will raise their ambitions and strive to become near zero-energy schools by implementing renewable energy techniques.

The main project result is an estimated carbon reduction of 2155 tonnes in the 86 schools directly involved. The main output is a joint energy saving programme, tested in different NSR school environments and conditions and replicable in and beyond the North Sea Region, which will support the new 2030 Framework for climate and energy, 2030 Energy Strategy.



Latest Project News

Introducing the Bekkteam of Groningen

24 March 2020

Introducing our highly ambitious Energizers from the KBS Bisschop-Bekkers School in Groningen, Netherlands – the Bekkteam!

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The German 2020 2IMPREZS Kick-off

07 February 2020

The German Energizers kick off the international 2020 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges at the Rotenburg City Hall.

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Energy Challenges UK Video Content

05 February 2020

Energy Challenges UK has produced multiple videos on three main different topics from our programme: Energy, Plastics and Biodiversity.

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Dutch Energy Challenges 2020 have begun!

04 February 2020

The first four kick-off celebrations have already taken place across the Netherlands, setting the scene for a great year of energy savings. Children …

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13 January 2020


The 2IMPREZS Partnership gears up for the 2020 Energy Challenges - the final international challenges within the project.


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