Welcome to 2imprezs' webspace. 2imprezs is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.  

The project will implement energy saving measures in existing school buildings across the NSR to reduce energy consumption and costs and increase comfort. Students of participating schools will be engaged through a cross-border energy challenge initiative. The behavioural change programme is supported by the adoption of energy efficiency measures at schools. School stakeholders and 2imprezs experts will cooperate to work out technical and financial solutions needed to evolve to energy-efficient schools. At least three schools which have already taken all necessary energy efficiency measures, will raise their ambitions and strive to become near zero-energy schools by implementing renewable energy techniques.

The main project result is an estimated carbon reduction of 2155 tonnes in the 86 schools directly involved. The main output is a joint energy saving programme, tested in different NSR school environments and conditions and replicable in and beyond the North Sea Region, which will support the new 2030 Framework for climate and energy, 2030 Energy Strategy.



Latest Project News

MOS presents the Energy Boxes at Energy Network Flanders

28 March 2019

On Tuesday 26th of March, Energy Network Flanders organised an ‘Experience Exchange Event’ for schools interested in saving energy.

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Climate Lessons in Provincial Schools of Antwerp

26 March 2019

Students in the provincial schools of Antwerp are worried about the future of the climate—they question the approach towards climate problems, and the…

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Thomas More Heating Installations Workshop

22 March 2019

Thomas More teaches secondary school students how to optimize their school’s heating installation.

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Scheppers Institute in Herentals reflect on climate action at school

22 March 2019

Every month during lunch break a group of voluntary students and teachers of Scheppers Institute in Herentals gather to reflect on climate action at s…

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De Knipoog Primary School Open Day to show their work on the climate topic

19 March 2019

Primary school De Knipoog in Ranst has been working on the climate topic since September.

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