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Thinking growth

The North Sea Region boasts six of the top eight countries in Europe for innovation, but it cannot rest on its laurels. The region must build on its strength in the knowledge economy and ensure that its world-leading research translates into commercial benefits.

Our projects aim to strengthen the flow of knowledge – from universities to business, from one sector to another, across borders and divides. What mechanisms will help generate growth and quality jobs, especially in SMEs?

We support projects that look at new frameworks for knowledge transfer and infrastructures for business support. Recognising the important economic role of the public sector in growth, our projects also explore public service innovation and the way investments by local administrations can help stimulate innovation.



     Read the summaries of our first thinking growth projects approved in November 2015 or browse through current priority 1 project ideas.


Thematic objective

Strengthening research, technological development and innovation.

Specific objectives

  1. Develop new or improved knowledge partnerships between businesses, knowledge institutions, public administrations and end users with a view to long-term cooperation (post project) on developing products and services.
  2. Enhance regional innovation support capacity to increase long-term innovation levels and support smart specialization strategies.
  3. Stimulate the public sector to generate innovation demand and innovative solutions for improving public service delivery.




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