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Priority 3

Q: What is the definition of a site in priority 3.2? For example, would a 'site' be the whole estuary where a sediment management strategy for maintenance dredging was developed and/or a targeted location where, for example, new habitat were created in an estuary using the excavated sediment.

A: If it is the same solution for the wider site, then the whole area should count as 1 (provided it can be demonstrated that the new practices really are in use / impacting the wider area). A smaller sub-area within the wider region could also be counted, if a different solution was piloted there.

The example given in the question probably counts as one site – something has to be done with the sediment, and habitat creation is the more sustainable way of 'closing of the circle' – so it is two parts of the same activity carried out at two different parts of the same site.