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Expanding our knowledge base

”We will enable the exchange between triple helix actors from public, economic and scientific sectors, connecting our knowledge base with cluster capacity building and adressing transnational perspectives to regional innovation strategies and living labs”

Mr. Andreas Obersteg,

Hafen City University



Building cluster capacity for innovation

”The process of trial and error is vital. We have the potential to improve and structure actual innovation tools – and carry out activities highly appreciated by businesses and contributing to actual partnerships across boundaries”

Mr. Lars Bern,

Business Region Gothenburg



Building political and strategic capacity


Mr. Thomas Pfannkuch




Innovation partnerships through living labs

”The core is transnational co-creation. Each organization is trying to reinvent the wheel – why not do it together and learn how to drive in the same direction? We all have the challenge to get small and medium size companies and universities involved in large scale demonstration projects. Through our Living Labs we will address this issue and test open innovation methods, tools and services to stimulate collaboration amongst SMEs and strengthen their value-chains"

Mr. Jan Luca Plewa,

Renewable Energy Hamburg




In our work we strive to share the best communication practices across the whole partnership as well as externally

Mr. Leon Aahave Uhd,

Clean Cluster Denmark



 Project Management

"Through Northern Connections we can get a new angle on how we as a cluster can motivate and involve enterprises in innovation activites – what works and why? Which regional conditions need to be in place to drive international innovation cooperation across borders. We can set focus on how clusters can go transnaitonal and how they can use transnational cooperation to increase innovation and growth potential of enterprises"

Mr. Alex Søgaard Moreno,

City of Aalborg, House of Energy



 Project Management

"Our focus is to facilitate relations and structures that allows our partnership to explore transnational cooperation and build new knowledge. We wish to deliver a management that gives the partners the opportunity to focus on creating concrete results"

Mrs. Christina Folmand Knudsen,

City of Aalborg


Contact details for Lead Partner organisation



Title Aalborg Kommune
Address Boulevarden 13
City Aalborg
Country Denmark
Telephone 004599311531