Inn2POWER Innovation to Push Offshore Wind Energy Regions

Inn2POWER overall objective is expanding capacity for innovation and improving access to the Offshore Wind Energy Industry (OWI) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

By connecting offshore wind businesses in the North Sea Region we aim at:

  • Strengthening North Sea Region offshore wind clusters
  • Supporting SMEs to collaborate and enter new markets
  • Developing innovative concepts for port and harbour logistics
  • Facilitating access to test and demonstration facilities
  • Improving the skills and availability of personnel

The offshore wind industry (OWI) is an important driver for economic development in the NSR and consists of a high percentage of SMEs that are located in clusters around the NSR. These SMEs are challenged by disadvantages of size, complex procurements, high costs and insufficient understanding of the (global) market for their services. They can address this by collaborating on a regional, sectoral and transnational level. Preparatory work from previous projects has paved the way and now allows the partnership to deliver focused support to SMEs. This is the first time that the NSR regional clusters and other supporting organisations in the OWI will work this closely together on the shared goal of bringing their SMEs across the borders to engage them in innovative business collaborations.The project overall objective is to improve innovation capacity of SMEs and to facilitate access to the OWI by creating the appropriate supportive conditions.

More specifically the project aims to:

  • Connect and strengthen regional OWI clusters of SMEs by supporting SMEs to enter new transnational markets and by developing transnational SME collaboration
  • Developing innovative concepts of harbour logistics and test facilities for SMEs in the OWI
  • Improve the workforce for SMEs in the OWI

We will achieve this in cooperation with SMEs by identifying cross-border business collaboration opportunities, by supporting SME innovation capacity and by developing SME focussed MBA-level courses and facilities.