Wind meets Gas - Energy Symposium

Groningen - 13th/14th September 2017 - Wind meets Gas Symposium

The ongoing developments on the North Sea are crucial for the EU energy transition. Appealing new initiatives in which politics, business and knowledge institutes collaborate are of major importance in a time where North Sea developments enter a new stage. Therefore New Energy Coalition (a combination of Energy Valley, Energy Academy Europe, Energy Delta Institute) and a large number of other parties organise the two day symposium ‘Winds-meets-Gas”.

The key focus of the event, which is a follow up of the symposium “Gas-meets-Wind” of June 15 2016 (Rotterdam), will be centred around the latest developments concerning the North Sea area. The attention will zoom in on the most important and recent initiatives that have been taken by companies, public authorities and knowledge institutes in this area. These parties are actively cooperating  in i.e. offshore wind, offshore oil and gas and offshore grids.