Healthy peatlands help regulate global climate by actively  removing CO2 from the atmosphere, but damaged peatlands  increase emissions. CANAPE combines North Sea Region (NSR) local authorities, NGOs & academic bodies to address challenges & manage sustainable, integrated peat landscapes that are resilient to climate change & contribute to the reduction in global COemissions.  CANAPE will

  • bring economic and  environmental benefits in the NSR: reducing COemissions, increasing  flood resilience, developing new wetland products & restoring unique  ecosystems 

  • improve management of peatlands to reduce their contribution to  climate change & improve resilience to its effects. CANAPE develops ecosystems governance and generates scientifically proven results 

  • involve key stakeholders in a transnational approach to avoid  duplication, multiply the number of methods tested in similar landscapes with  differing conditions, pool expertise & evaluate on a significant scale, establishing best practice which can be replicated elsewhere

  • transfer the innovative new methods & approaches to a wider range of NSR peatlands, increasing the environmental and economic benefits  across NSR

CANAPE is innovative  in the holistic approach of the project to driving future environmental,  economic & social sustainability (tested science, new products, community  engagement) and in its scale. It will result in resilient & integrated systems and a  sustainable, marketable future for peatland ecosystems.