Living laboratories Building with Nature

Within the project we defined seven coastal and six catchment living laboratories. Here we generate the evidence-base that is currently lacking to incorporate building with nature solutions in national policy and investment programs.

Estuaries, rivers and lakes

Coastal sites

  • Dutch North Sea coast shoreface nourishment (The Netherlands)
    Bergen – Egmond , Zandvoort and Domburg are included by Rijkswaterstaat as coastal laboratories to understand the behaviour of shoreface and beach nourishments with respect to the sandy coastal management strategy and coastal characteristics.
  • Danish North Sea coast between Lodbjerg and Nymindegrab (Denmark)
    Along the Danish coast, between Lodbjerg and Nymindegrab, the Danish Coastal Authority is seeking to optimize the sandy coastal strategy concerning beach and shoreface nourishments.
  • Coastal protection strategy for two East Frisian Islands (Germany)
    On the islands of Langeoog and Norderney NLWKN wants to develop a better understanding of the natural processes in the shoreface and beach areas to optimize the coastal protection strategy using building with nature principles.
  • Sylt shoreface nourishment (Germany)
    On the island of Sylt LKN.SH is maintaining the coast by regularly applying beach and shoreface nourishments. LKN.SH is looking for a long-term balance in the nourishments with respect to the expected sediment deficits in the Waddensea.
  • Planned retreat and other solutions to prevent coastal erosion along the Swedish coast (Grannian, Sweden)
    In Ystad a pilot beach nourishment is currently being monitored and under research. Besides this sandy solution, along the Swedish coast several pilot projects will be executed which investigate the use of ecosystem (grasses) in order to prevent coastal erosion.
  • Ameland tidal inlet monitoring and analysis (The Netherlands)
    In the Ameland tidal inlet Rijkswaterstaat wants to establish a research program concerning sediment management for tidal inlets of the Waddensea and compare this to other inlets of the Waddensea to come up with an overall sediment balance of the Waddensea.
  • Research program (Belgium)
    In Oostende - Mariakerke the coastal division of the Flemish government is currently performing a research program including the monitoring of a beach and shoreface nourishment pilot to understand the behaviour and effectiveness of both nourishments for coastal protection.