Redevelopment of the city ́s left bank

Venue: Antwerp, Belgium

Re-designing the left river bank

The project introduced by Antwerp aims to adapt natural banks and dykes and renew or construct parks and squares. These interventions lead to an increase of the amount of extra rainwater collected and reduce the mean radiant temperature in the city. The social purpose of the project is to increase citizen’s participation in public spaces where they can enjoy the river, escape the heat and connect the community to the water.

The concept is to re-design the left river bank to create a recreational, open, residential and sustainable landscape. The idea is to develop a landscape as a structuring figure, which is open and continuously developing. The recreational and residential development aims to create an attractive and vivid neighborhood. The design takes sustainable mobility into account by developing optimal accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists and by linking left and right river banks by water taxi´s. 

More information about the urban development in Antwerp you can find here.



The strength of the project is that the planning of the deign is performed through a participatory process.