BEGIN - Blue Green Infrastructures through Social Innovation



Cities are particularly susceptible to the negative impacts of flooding, urban heat islands, poor air quality, and other risks associated with more extreme weather conditions. In addition to conventional grey infrastructure, we need blue-green infrastructure (BGI), e.g.: green corridors, permeable paving, bio-swales, rainwater harvesting. BGI can better deal with extreme weather events, foster ecosystem services and increase the liveability of cities in the North Sea Region. BGI’s holistic approach has viable environmental, social and economic benefits for city residents.


The overall objective of BEGIN is to demonstrate at target sites how cities can improve climate resilience with Blue Green Infrastructure involving stakeholders in a value-based decision- making process to overcome its current implementation barriers.

Partnership of 6 NSR countries

The Netherlands: City of Dordrecht; IHE Delft; Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Belgium: City of Antwerp; City of Ghent

Germany: Agency for Roads Bridges and Waters, Hamburg; Hamburg University of Technology

United Kingdom: Construction Industry Research Information Association (CIRIA), City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Kent County Council, Aberdeen City Council, Enfield, Royal College of Arts, University of Sheffield

Sweden: City of Gothenburg

Norway: City of Bergen


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Latest Project News

Dordrecht Spring School: pilot projects on climate adaptation

Thursday, May 31, 2018
Sustainable NSR

This week the 'Dordrecht Spring School' has started. It is a pilot school on climate adaptation in the week from May 28 up to and including June 1. Ex…

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BEGIN project makes huge step forward in Social Innovation

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Sustainable NSR

BEGIN partners are winding down from their biannual partner meeting in Hamburg, which took place during the 25th – 26th of April. Partners marked…

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BEGIN Partners convene in Hamburg to devise narratives and engage stakeholders in BGI projects

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Sustainable NSR

BEGIN partners will meet this month in Hamburg (25 – 26 April) to progress and leverage community engagement for BGI in communi…

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Meet the Vogelbuurt

Monday, March 26, 2018
Sustainable NSR

In February, the Municipality of Dordrecht in The Netherlands hosted a workshop for the BEGIN partners: Cities of Antwerp, Ghent and Bradford. With…

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City2City learning expert presents at IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Sustainable NSR

Image: David Miller, former Mayor of Toronto and North American Director of C40 Cities

Expert in City2City learning, Wolfgang Haupt, is present…

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