Competition: Tell your story with video

Friday, February 16, 2018 - Published by Anne Sofie Forfang
We are inviting all North Sea Region funded projects to submit one to three videos highlighting the positive impacts of their work for the North Sea Region.

Videos submitted by ongoing projects will be part of a competition where a jury will select the two videos that do the best job of telling a story about a project and the difference it makes in the North Sea Region.

Former projects are also invited to submit videos. These will not be part of the competition, but will be used in our efforts to create visibility for our programme and the projects we are co-financing.

Outcomes and impact in focus

We are looking for videos that tell a story about the planned or already-produced outcomes of your project and why they matter. Your video should focus less on technical descriptions and more on the difference your work will make (or is already making) for people and organisations in our region.

The focus should answer the question 'why is your project important in the North Sea Region?' in a way that is understandable to anyone, including  your aunt and your neighbour. 

Tips for doing a great video story

  • Focus on the big picture: How will your project help transform our region, for the benefit of regions, cities, and people? Which major challenge will you help tackle?
  • Make it tangible: What does your project imply in real terms to people in the North Sea Region?
  • Keep it simple: Try to focus on one or a few really strong points rather than trying to make too many points in a short video. Be selective and leave out any details that are not relevant in this context. Avoid or explain technical jargon that is only understood by insiders in your field of work.
  • Focus on the ultimate beneficiaries: Who will ultimately experience the benefits and improvements resulting from your project? Whether they are farmers, SMEs, or citizens, your video should make this clear and focus on your beneficiaries - either indirectly or by having their own voice in your story.   


How to join the competition

To participate, please follow the simple guidelines outlined in our video brief. You must submit your video before 30 April 2018 at noon.

Download video brief