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Reporting training seminar 22 February 2018

Event date: 02/22/2018 09:00:00 - 02/22/2018 16:00:00
Event duration: 7 hours
Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark

Join this training seminar to build your skills in reporting project progress through the Online Monitoring System (OMS). Using the OMS for reporting is mandatory for all projects, and the seminar equips you to use the system efficiently.

Please note: This training seminar is identical to the reporting seminars conducted in Sweden and the Netherlands earlier in 2017. 

Who is it for?

The training seminar will focus on the reporting process for lead beneficiaries and beneficiaries. Attendance is relevant for lead beneficiaries, beneficiaries as well as other parties involved in reporting of North Sea Region Programme funded projects from all member states.  

The training is tailored to help projects manage their progress reporting, including finance and activity reporting. Since all beneficiaries need to be engaged in the reporting process, we strongly encourage Lead Beneficiaries as well as beneficiaries to participate.   

What you will gain

The course provides you with all the knowledge you need to ensure your progress reports fulfil the strict standards set by the EU Interreg North Sea Region Programme.

Compliant progress reporting is a precondition for receiving regular instalments from the North Sea Programme Secretariat as part of your project funding. We therefore advise you to secure the continued financial basis for your project by attending this key training seminar.

Our experts will take you through the reporting process step by step using a live demonstration of the reporting module of our Online Monitoring System. You will thus learn how to complete and submit your progress reports in line with key criteria used in assessing and approving your reports.  

> Download draft training programme

Prepare for the course 

Please be aware of available guidance on our website. We suggest you download the documents below to gain an overview of their contents. You can use these materials in preparation for the training as well as afterwards, to back up your learning.

> Fact sheet 22 on project reporting 
> Programme Manual – overview of project reporting
> Reporting - main lessons learned
> Guidance on the Online Monitoring System 
> Guidance on designating an Authorised Signatory 
> Fact sheet 24 on first level control
> Guidance on first level control 

Practical details

Venue address:   Danish Business Authority, Langelinie Allé 17 (4th floor), 2100 Copenhagen Ø  > View map

Accommodation: You need to arrange your own accommodation in Copenhagen (if needed). You are advised to book early in order to secure the best location and price.

Cost: Training, lunch and coffee are complimentary. You need to pay for your travel and (if needed) accommodation, however these costs are eligible to be deducted from your project budget. 

Equipment: Please bring your laptop for this training. We will be using the Online Monitoring System throughout this course, so please make sure to register as a user of the system prior to attending the seminar. 

Registration deadline: Please register by 7 February 2017.  


Register for the Reporting training seminar

Please note that you must register as a user prior to the training course. If you are a beneficiary and do not have user access, please contact your Lead Beneficiary for help.